The Pursuit of Happiness… and Love.

Obinze and Ifemelu have history. A long, both heartfelt and heartbreaking history. This is what makes their final reuniting experience so special. But before we get to the present lets go back in history…

Obinze was supposed to fall for another girl; Ifemelu’s best friend Ginika. But he didn’t, he fell for Ifemelu. Adorable. Her independence and strong will attracted him and their force was magnetic, seemingly unbreakable. Or so we thought. Ifemelu moved to America, Obinze’s dream land, where he was supposed to reunite with her soon after. His visas were denied over and over and over, until he finally decided it was time to stop. But at that point it didn’t really matter anyway because Ifemelu had cut him off. She struggled in America. Big time. She had to resort to selling her body to a sweaty tennis coach in order to pay her rent. She felt disgusted with herself, guilty, and angry. She spiraled into a long period of depression, in which she isolated herself from everyone. Including Obinze.

Time passed and both Ifemelu and Obinze moved on. They explored different societies and relationships. They exchanged a few emails here and there, but that was it. When she returned to Lagos after thirteen years she did not try to make contact with him, but in her mind she saw him everywhere. And then she finally texted him and they met up.

They connected easily, the conversation was comfortable and intimate. Even though they went through long periods of no communication and they went through different relationships, I think in a tiny place in both their hearts still lie a love for each other. They discussed Lagos, America, and the many criticisms they both had to share. From the start the sparks were already flying again. The issue? Obinze is married and has a child. That might complicate things a little bit.

They met up with each other many times over the next few days. They ate, they talked, they made love. They were both confused about what they feel and what to do about it. Ifemelu got angry at Obinze many times, but one time was more intense than the others. They didn’t talk for months. Obinze took this time to reflect on his love for Ifemelu and what that meant he had to do with his family. He told Kosi he isn’t happy and that he loves someone else. She was stubborn and told him they must keep the family together, but Obinze knew what he wanted. Ifemelu.

He showed up at her door one Sunday evening and told her he’s chasing her. The same thing he told her the first night they met. So romantic. I rooted for Ifemelu and Obinze from day 1. Call me a romanticist, but I always knew they would end up together even though Obinze has a wife and child. The love they share is inseparable, so I am very satisfied and ecstatic they ended up together.



One thought on “The Pursuit of Happiness… and Love.

  1. I agree!! I have wanted them to be together since the beginning, but the ending left me wanting more! We can infer that they ended up together, but we never got to see them together without all the stress of what kept them apart. I wanted to see them have kids and get married! I wanted to know how his relationship with his daughter, Buchi, played a roll in their relationship. Honestly, I was surprised at the ending of this book, because we could tell from the beginning that they would end up together, and then they did! I thought Adichie was going to throw us through a loop but it ended just how we expected. I found it kind of odd!


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