Home Sweet Home

Ifemelu’s expected her monumental return home to Nigeria to be comfortable and as though nothing has changed since she left. Instead her return was a struggle. As it says in the book, Lagos “assaulted her” (475). This was because of the changes that occurred there while she was gone, but also because of the person […]

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White Privelege

In response to Ifemelu’s blog post about white privilege and the experiences she faces in America in its entirety, I thought I would write a post about it too, incorporating my own thoughts and experiences. First of all, it blows my mind that so many people don’t believe white privilege exists. It makes me want […]

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Relationships 101

There have been many relationships throughout the book, mainly revolving between Ifemelu and Aunty Uju. In one of my previous posts I briefly talked about Aunty Uju’s relationships, so in this post I’m going to focus on Ifemelu and her relationships with Obinze, Curt, and Blaine. First was Obinze. The one that could be called […]

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Who Am I?

In Americanah, identity plays a conflicting role in the lives of many characters. Upon arrival in America, many characters must change their identity in order to conform to society and make a living. It is much deeper than just this though. Through this book I have come to realize how much our identity is constructed […]

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The Female Lens

Americanah is an important book to read because of the cultural ideas it brings forth that seldom are talked or thought about in our society. I am glad we are reading it because most kids, specifically white kids, ¬†would not pick these books up and read them on their own. Reading books like Things Fall […]

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